Skywalkers Cheer at our Emporia location - 526 Albert St.

***Due to COVID performances and ordering of gear may be subject to change.***


We are gym/competitive cheerleaders. This means we perform/compete, and are therefore subject to an entirely different set of rules and regulations than most of you may be used to. Just because we use “cheerleading” as our medium, this does not lessen the fact that we are athletes. As athletes, we must train just as diligently as a gymnast or ballplayer. The rules and regulations have been set up in the best interest of the entire program. We understand that as a parent or participant you may not agree with every decision that our staff makes. We assure you that the decisions are carefully thought out and a great amount of time has gone in the process, which leads us to our decisions. All decisions and changes regarding teams & routines are left solely to the discretion of the coaching staff. The most important job we have is to create a positive environment for learning. As coaches, it is our goal to create a disciplined, positive and productive atmosphere in which to learn and perform. As a result, we can produce outstanding individuals & teammates with a mentally strong attitude, a physically strong body, and remarkable leadership skills.

TUITION AND PAYMENTS $50 Yearly Registration/Insurance (renewable annually at signup date) Veterans (ages 8&up) $85 monthly for an hour and a half practice that includes cheer, stunting, and tumbling *Practice Gear/Uniform - Est. $70 + cost of shoes *Each member of Skywalkers Cheer is required to purchase gear and shoes. Dynamic (ages 4-7) $100 per 8 week session and does not require a yearly registration fee for these sessions. TUITION IS PAYABLE REGARDLESS OF INJURY, ILLNESS OR VACATION. Cheer Team members that are enrolled in another Skywalker’s class will be offered at a 50% discount off of their class tuition or team tuition, whichever is lower. Payment due dates and amounts will be communicated via email. All Cheer team members’ parents should have an active email address on file with Skywalkers Cheer and check it often for updates and notices. Additional choreography/music fees may apply at a minimal cost to each member and will be invoiced separately.

Contact Program Director Caitlin Olson: Email: or by phone at: 816-820-1607

Also look to our Facebook Page for updates and information at Skywalker's Cheer of Emporia

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