Trampoline & Tumbling Classes

Trampoline & Tumbling classes are a ton of fun at Skywalkers! Most classes will be taking up to 12 students and split into two or three groups. The kids are split up as best as we can by age and skill level for their groups. Then the kids are taken through different rotations during class. Some of them offer a strength and conditioning component, tumbling, and trampoline. Some offer two tumbling parts and a trampoline section. The kids are expected to learn basic body control and skill positions. We also want them to learn all the basic safe landing positions so that they can learn how to flip safely. All of the basic skills taught in these classes are all building blocks to get the kids to do what we really want which is flipping on the trampoline and the ground with confidence!

  • These are general trampoline and tumbling classes for ages 6 & up
  • Classes meet once per week for 50 minutes
  • A second class is encouraged and is available for half price
  • Kids are expected to take responsibility for their own learning by making changes at multiple stations and some of those stations are on their own
  • Perfecting skills takes time and repetition which is why we let the kids make mistakes and work at stations on their own
  • Learning to flip for most kids is pretty scary and confidence is what holds them back more than anything else
  • A signed consent/registration form must be on file with Skywalkers even to participate in a free trial class
  • A free trial class is allowed and encouraged but you must contact us to check availability
  • Yearly registration fee is $50 per child for the year and is non-refundable
  • Ottawa Trampoline & Tumbling Classes run $57 per month
  • Emporia Trampoline & Tumbling Classes run $58 per month

Contact Owner Josh Wright to check availability and to set up your free trial today!

Email Josh at: or call/text him at: 620-757-3813

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