Birthday Parties

We do Birthday Parties at Skywalkers! It's a great idea for something fun and different to do. The kids come in and go over some safety rules on how to use the equipment and then are free to use the gym and have fun! Parties are an hour and a half long. The last 20-30 minutes is usually used to do cake and presents. Contact us today to check availability.

  • Birthday parties are for kids ages 5 & up
  • Younger siblings may be there but must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • You are allowed to come in 20 minutes early to set up for the party
  • All party supplies are your responsibility such as drinks, cups, plates, silverware, paper towels, etc.
  • A small table is available at the gym but most people bring at least one bigger table to use for the party
  • All kids must have a short release form on file which are located under forms from the programs tab above
  • Kids wear socks or go bare foot on the equipment
  • Cost is $125 for an hour and an half for up to 15 kids
  • Cost is $150 for and hour and a half for up to a maximum of 22 kids

Contact Owner Josh Wright to check dates for Emporia by email at: or call/text at: 620-757-3813

Contact Coach Bobby Harshaw to check availability and get your party scheduled in Ottawa by texting at: 785-304-6118

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