Hey there, my name is Josh Wright and I’m the owner and head coach of Skywalkers. Thank you for looking us up to find more information as your time is the most valuable gift you have to give and I realize that. I took over Skywalkers because gymnastics has been the greatest positive influence of my life. I was blessed with amazing coaches and the opportunity to experience things that changed my life forever. My staff and I are passionate about helping kids build confidence, strength, coordination, and balance. We want kids to realize that fitness and learning are fun and exciting. One goal is to inspire the communities we work in to be more active and to see that exercising is never a punishment but an opportunity for personal growth and development.

   Our trainers encourage our students to set goals, overcome challenges and gain real life skills through the process of learning gymnastics that will lead to better lives in the future. We are excited about all ages and fitness levels being a part of Skywalkers. From the smallest gymnasts learning to jump and land on two feet all the way to the World Championship and Olympic level as well as everyone in between. We want our work and purpose to mean something now and for years to come by inspiring greatness in others. Our belief is that if you are not making someone else’s life better, then you are wasting your time.

One of our main goals is to encourage our students to push the bounds of normalcy and standards set by the world around us. We want them to feel great about being extraordinary because that’s what they truly are. To instill higher standards allows them to dream, be creative, and achieve things that many others are afraid to try. It gives our students a real opportunity to achieve greatness at a new level that they choose, which will be higher than they ever imagined possible. Gymnastics offers many unique ways to teach these core life principals. We hope our students are better people that lead healthier lives from being a part of the Skywalker program…Where there are no limits!


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