Cheer & Dance Tumbling Class At Emporia Skywalkers!

These classes are specifically designed to help your child learn the necessary tumbling skills required for cheer and dance routines. We can modify each persons work out to target the needed skills. Some skill work includes front and back walkovers, front/backhandsprings, cartwheels, ariels, and inverted cartwheels.

  • ONLY offered in Emporia
  • For Ages 5 - 13
  • Classes meet once per week for one hour
  • Kids are expected to take responsibility for their own learning
  • A signed consent/registration form must be on file with Skywalkers
  • A free trial class is allowed to see if we offer what you are looking for
  • Yearly registration fee is $50
  • Class runs $57 per month

Contact Owner Josh Wright to check availability and to set up your free trial today!

Email Josh at: or call/text him at: 620-757-3813

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