Tiny Flippers!

Welcome to our Tiny Flippers Information Page! This program is currently available at our Ottawa location only at 506 S. Main Street. Tiny Flippers promotes enhancing locomotive skills, balance, and hand/eye coordination for your little ones. It also targets overall strength while providing structure and a social learning environment.

  • Classes are for children ages 1-3 years old and must be walking
  • This program is only available at the Ottawa location currently
  • Mommy or Daddy are welcome to the class and one must participate in class with their child
  • Classes run in 6 week sessions and are typically promoted on our Skywalker's Gymnastics of Ottawa, KS Facebook page
  • More class times will hopefully be available in the future as we are working on creating a special space just for these little ones
  • A session runs $65 which must be paid up front and is non-refundable
  • There is no yearly registration fee for Tiny Flippers classes because it's built into the session price
  • Parent and child must have a release form filled out, signed, and on file with Skywalkers

Program Manager: Louise Rein

Contact by email at: yesdearkc@gmail.com or by phone at 785-418-4215