Personal Training

Personal Training is now available at both the Emporia and Ottawa locations! These sessions are by appointment only. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation which is a $25 value. Assess your fitness goals and how you want your life to be better with our trainer to figure out a specific plan for you to meet those goals. This program is great for kids that need sport specific training. It's good for young adults trying to get in peak shape, elderly that want to be more mobile without getting hurt, and everyone in between. Contact us to set up an initial meeting to see if  you may be looking for what we are offering with no pressure to sign up and no strings attached!

  • Initial consultation is completely free and by appointment only
  • Assess your life and health goals to see what you need to do to get to a better you
  • Get motivation to keep pushing forward to a better you
  • Get customized workout plans that you can do throughout the week in between training sessions
  • Fill out all the required paperwork and medical forms during the initial consultation if you want to start training
  • Pricing will be $50 per hour by committing to 4 training sessions
  • Pricing will be $40 per hour by committing to 8 training sessions
  • Pricing will be $30 per hour by committing to 12 training sessions
  • Yearly registration fee is $50 per person
  • All appropriate paperwork is required to be signed an on file before your training can begin

Program Manager is Andrew Johnson

Contact A.J. by email at: or call/text at: 620-412-6651